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  1. OBJECTIVES - In this section, simply outline your primary objective. 
  2. CONTEXT - Here’s where you include any relevant contextual factors (competitors, business environment, political changes etc).
  3. MESSAGING - We like to distil our message into a short, impactful sentence. 
  4. TARGET AUDIENCE - Provide a few key bullet points about your target audience. There’s no need to go into huge detail here, just focus on the most relevant facts. 
  5. CHANNELS - This section is the biggest for a reason. This is where you outline all the channels you will be using to promote this campaign, and why. 
  6. CREATIVE - Here’s where you summarise briefly what the video content will include. 
  7. KPIS (3 MONTHS) - List your targets here. Make them realistic but worth going for. 
  8. BUDGET - You don’t need to go into a huge amount of detail here but it’s useful for whoever sees this strategy to understand the investment.
  9. TIMELINE - Finally, you want to clarify when this campaign will take place. Simply include the planning, launch and reporting dates.


copy, paste, add your brief details and send